P.O.W gang

Smack and Juddy were born in Watts California. The two brothers started rapping in 2005 and haven’t looked back since. The two MCs have a unique style and complement each other perfectly.  Pow Gang was started as a record label and entertainment company were the two brothers could present their music and artistic talents to the world.

The two MCs have a style of their own, Influenced by a wide range of MCs such as 2pac, Notorious Big, Ice Cube Snoop Dogg, Jay Z Nas and Dr. Dre gives the Pow Gang a sound that has never been heard from any west coast artist.

In August of 2011 the Pow Gang released their highly anticipated Mixtape “California Kingz” as a free download to the public. The mixtape was produced by DJ BR and quickly turned into a must have for the summer. Featured tracks like “Ridin Around” “Bring It Back” and “Don’t Forget about Me” kept the streets fed while the two Mcs worked on their second mixtape “Back To Business” which is due to be released in October of 2011.

The Pow Gangs first video “The Swagger” was shot and directed by Myleena Rice and has over 15,000 views on youtube. The Pow Gang has a wide verity of music and an extremely strong fan base. As far as the total package goes the Pow Gang is at the top of the list hands down. Growing up in a city like Watts and all it has to offer makes the Pow Gang one of the sharpest knives in the drawer.

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